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Felix Contreras - Susan Palma-Nidel, "Velho Mondego"

I have two friends who recently traveled through Lisbon and they sent back photos that showed exquisite charm and beauty. This explains the charms and magic of a new album from flautist Susan Palma-Nidel, Lisboa à Solta. After a long and successful career in classical music, Palma-Nidel set her sights first on Brazil and then Portugal. This album follows her first exploration of Portuguese music in 2016 and includes the most well-known form, fado, but is also a deeper dive into classic compositions and musicians from that country.

Every track is perfectly performed by Palma-Nidel along with Portugal's most well known and respected folk and popular musicians.  Lisboa à Solta is a hidden and unexpected gem absolutely worth seeking out as a reminder of the beauty of nuance and artistry. — Felix Contreras


Jazz Weekly magazine

FADO AND FLUTE…Susan Palma-Nidel: Lisboa A Solta

December 10, 2018

By George W. Harris

The Portuguese traditional sounds of Fado are both celebrated and brought to modern ears from the flute of Susan Palma-Nidel. Produced by Gil Goldstein (who also supplies keyboards and accordion), the album boasts rich support from Fausto Bordalo Dias, Jose Afonso, Ne Ladeiras, Pedro Joia, Ze Manel Neto, Carlos Barretto, Ruca Redbordao, Sandra Martins and Leo Traversa, all mixing together with traditional and modern.

Palma-Nidel’s flute is warm and glowing lovely with guitar on “Os Indios De Meia-Praia” and the dreamy “Cancao.” Folksy sounds on the strings team with the leader on the lilting “Fado Lopes/Meditando.
Some wonderful intricate moments take place with fiery unison lines on the prancing “”Maria LIsboa” while the flute floats over the festive percussion on “As Certezas Do Meu Mais Brilhante Amor.” The music oozes with taste like Serra de Estrela cheese.

Philo,CA - NPR

November 17, 2018


I am wowed by the lively elegance of all the players! Expect many spins on Meu Fado Meu, Maria Lisboa & Ao Longo de um Claro Rio de Água Doce. Juicy Portuguese releases like this one tend to inspire delighted calls.

United Kingdom Public Radio

CSRfm/Jazz Jams

This is a daring and exceptional album by a classical musician who is not afraid of experimenting. I love the light but also energetic sound of the flute; the backing instruments give room for the melody to shine and keep the background as a warm support. There is so much talent and sincerity here.