Some notes on the tracks on Lisboa Íntima:


1. Ler Devagar
An original composition by Júlio Pereira, with Susan on flute, Mário Delgado and Miguel Veras on guitars and Ruca Rebordáo extraordinary on udu (clay pot), all joining
Júlio’s Cavaquinho for an exciting, virtuosic, intricate romp, a tour de force.

2. O Que Estriga Tenho Na Roca
Né conjures the soul of Trás-os-Montes
on this emotional, traditional song, featuring Susan’s incomparable sound, Mário Delgado’s bluesy solo on National Steel Guitar, Ruca’s opening African chant and discreet, haunting Berimbau.

3. Alfama
Susan, José Manuel Neto and Carlos Manuel Proença present a fresh version of the beloved Alain Oulman/Ary dos Santos Fado classic, with Susan channeling Amalia in a rare instrumental version of this famous tune. Alfama is the oldest neighborhood in Lisboa, the traditional Fado district, untouched by the earthquake of 1755.

4. Iluminados
Robert Sadin’s brilliant arrangement for 7 piece chamber ensemble features João Moreira’s soaring, muted trumpet and Susan’s mournful alto flute on the great Ivan Lins composition. Brasileira? Sim. MPB? Nāo.


5. Verdes Anos
The Carlos Paredes classic is interpreted anew as a duet with Susan and the wonderful Pedro Jóia on guitar. Pedro possesses a unique understanding of Paredes’ music and is a leading proponent and scholar on the topic today. The engineers in the booth were shouting “Susan Paredes” during the final take. Susan's gift for adapting her classical sound to the music is remarkable.

6. José Embala O Menino
José is a deeply haunting melody from Beira Baixa, elevated to euphoric heights by Né, Susan, Ruca and Pedro who create a cinematic sound palette over Bob’s magisterial arrangement.

7. Um Homem Na Cidade
Susan’s solo interpretation on alto flute of José Luiz Tinoco’s great standard is a loving tribute to Carlos do Carmo, who championed the tune in the early 1980s. It
is a fitting interlude leading into the historic duet.

8. Fado Ultramar
Ivan wrote this song for Carlos in 1983. This version is the first and only recorded duet featuring the two great friends. José Manuel Neto shows why he is without peer on the guitarra Portuguesa. The tune and the recording is topped-off by Ivan’s wonderful, Thelonious Monk, Ruben Gonzalez-like piano solo.